Friday, February 22, 2008

Adjusting the Atlas

Several interesting sessions lately and definite improvement noticed.

Two weeks ago, TT had DD get up on the table again. This time he had his hands just under her rib cage, looking for her kidneys. He explained that when you are in a constant state of fear -- a fight or flight animalistic survival mode -- your organs tuck up under your ribcage preparing to run or protect the organs in either situation. He could hardly find her kidneys, they were so high.

Through some feedback and getting her to focus on her breathing and calm down and relax, the right kidney eventually dropped, so he moved to the other side of the table. Fortunately, that kidney relaxed as well. And you can see the physical difference. When she first lays on the table (like a massage table) she is very stiff and nervous, and after relaxing her feet fall sideways, her arms sink into the thin mattress, and her spine gives way and touches the mattress.

Since this was successful, he started to hold her neck again, putting some fingertip pressure on her atlas, the highest vertebra in the spine. She never likes this and tenses up again. He explains that this part of her neck, where her spine connects with her brain is very stiff and hard, and should be soft. He always tries to get that part to relax as this is what supposedly keeps her in fight or flight mode. She started to wince and sit up complaining that it hurts. He kept telling her to relax and to lay back, but she could not. He then reached his free arm out and told her to squeeze his arm and try to hurt him (trying to distract her from her discomfort) but she would not, she just became more adamant about her pain. He asked DH to stand closer and for DH to try to squeeze his arm as hard as he could. This didn't distract her at all, but it did distract DH and I, and with this chaos eventually came a quick scream and instant tears. He hurt her.

He immediately started to comfort her and whisper to her that this was good. That he adjusted her atlas and things would get better now. He said "It isn't easy being normal, is it? It is easier to be the crazy girl that nobody deals with, isn't it? You did great! This is great!" as she covered her face with her hands and sobbed. She then complained of a terrible headache. He said this was normal.

I started to get choked up--I don't ever want to see ANYONE in pain--especially a kid--even if that kid has put me through hell. I grabbed my purse for some ibuprofen, then grabbed some tissues. She laid there for another 5-10 minutes while he tried to comfort her.

When we got home, I researched what it was he just did. It looks like it is an old-school chiropractic method, and while he is not a licensed chiropractor, it seems to have made some difference. He immediately said the atlas area softened. I wish I would have felt the before and after to know what he was talking about. the effect is not permanent though, so this may require multiple attempts.

Then this week, he spent the whole hour explaining the therapy plan to all of us. He said that DD is ready to move to the next phase, which will be a lot less talk and a lot more physical. He drew a fabulous diagram for us that I will try to recreate and post later. It all made sense.

In the meantime, DD has not only started to tell the truth, she tells us that she was about to tell us a lie, then thought about it, and told the truth anyway. This is FRIGGIN' HUGE!!! We make a big, positive deal about these truths, even if they are ugly truths.

Also, we went to a family event last weekend, and had no drama!! We are not sure if this was progress, or because none of the boys were there (it was a girly wedding shower). The wedding is in early April, so it will be interesting to see if we see the improvement then.

Anyway - so much more hope now on the DD scene.

Now if I could get my psycho step-mom to play nice, life might just be peaceful. I won't hold my breath!


CK Photo said...

This is so wonderful to hear. Small steps, small steps.

And forget the other person, this one is all you need worry about!

Paula said...

That is wonderful Cynthia! ((Hugs)) for all the craziness in your life right now.

amyz said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad you're all sticking through it! My best wishes to all of you!

S said...

Wow. I'm holding my breath. These last several sessions seem to be making a significant difference! Your blog of all this effort is intensely interesting to me, even though I don't have kids. I am awed by your perseverance and patience. I send you truckloads of good wishes.

Susan, up north

Janette (scrappinjanettey) said...

that is great news! Keeping you all in my prayers!

Julianna said...

glad to hear the update! hope things continue to improve.

Lynette said...

This is so great to hear about. Your posting about what is going on is so enlightening to all of us who care about you.

These good things are more important than your mother in law.

tigger said...

Late coming in here... but this is SO wonderful to read. I really think there is true hope and I'm SO happy.